Sitecore Personalization Basics – Campaigns

"As you’ve noticed, people don’t want to be sold. What people do want is news and information about the things they care about." -- Larry Weber In previous blog we discussed Goal based personalization, in this blog we are going to achieve personalization using Sitecore Campaigns. In a nutshell, Campaign is nothing but a promotion or marketing... Continue Reading →

Sitecore Personalization Basics – Goals

Until my career in Sitecore, I haven't got a chance to explore Personalization aspect of Sitecore.  This is one of the key feature of Sitecore Experience Platform. If you are also in same boat as me, then this is the blog for you. Right personalization strategies will help businesses achieve not only  deliver great results... Continue Reading →

Express Migration Tool 2.0 Available Now

The new version of Sitecore Express Migration Tool is now available. The tool makes it easy for customers to help migrate Sitecore 7.2 or Sitecore 6.6 to the latest version of Sitecore Experience Platform 8.2 without the need to gradually upgrade from version to version. Please note that DMS data to xDB will still require... Continue Reading →

My Experiences with Sitecore Upgrade

In one of my projects, I was assigned to upgrade ECM to EXM. We have upgraded our Sitecore using database upgrade approach as follows. Sitecore 7.5 ==> 8.0 ==> 8.x.x Execute DB scripts for Core, Master, Web and Analytics databases. Install Sitecore upgrade package for 8.X (8.X.X) After successful upgrade to each version Publish Site and... Continue Reading →

Sitecore Features and Version Compare

The Web Content Management (WCM)   Dynamic Personalization and Experience EditingConfigure dynamic portions of your web content that dynamically populate targeted content based on the user's profile.   Mobile Device Experience OptimizationTarget certain rendering designs that are tailored to fit specific form factors and optimize the end user's experience.   Social Media Engagement and IntegrationEasily... Continue Reading →

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