Understanding Sitecore Engagement Value – What, Why, When and How

What is Sitecore Engagement Value?

The single metric that can measure the impact of customer experience and the impact of strategy across all channels.

It is the point-based system that allows marketers to track the effectiveness of your channels.

It measures

  • Value of your customer experience
  • The impact of strategic objective

Why Sitecore Engagement Value is so important

From the definition, it just looks like another metric in the dashboard. However, Sitecore engagement value is the foundation of your brand’s customer experience maturity model. ( CXMM).

Most of the brands have digital teams working in silos. such as

  • Email Marketing
  •  SEO
  • Brand Management
  • Web
  • Mobile App
  • Social
  • Offline

All these different teams have their own metrics to track digital outcomes. This makes very difficult these channels to relate to each other.

Traditional web analytics will help you measure the quantity of your customer interaction with your brand. e.g Page Views, Bounce Rate, Most Popular Pages, Number of Visits etc. 

Sitecore experience analytics, on the other hand, will track your website visitor activity (quantity) and conversation of the customer across channels (Quality) in a single metric.

When Sitecore Engagement Value come into the picture

According to below seven steps of CXMM, almost 60-70% of websites are up to “Radiate” 

  1. Initiate
  2. Radiate
  3. Align
  4. Optimize
  5. Nurture
  6. Engage
  7. Lifetime Customer

In my opinion, the Third step is the most critical and fundamental to start your journey of Brand Experience.

Align is the last step to Attract Phase, and core to the Convert phase of CXMM. This is the time where you will align your digital strategies to your digital outcomes. Your digital strategist needs to identify the value of conversation of the visitor across channels.

Engagement Value
Image Credit: Sitecore


How I can apply points to get Sitecore Engagement Value

Once your digital strategy and business priorities are in place then we need to go to the Sitecore Marketing Control Panel and apply points to each goal as per their triggers in visitors activity.



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