Sitecore WFFM ( Web Forms For Marketers ) is one of the most popular modules for adding basic form on website to gather information from visitors.

Today we will be discussing some gotchas in WFFM and how we can address them.

This is specific to Sitecore 8.2 Update 3 version.

Post installation of Sitecore and WFFM module as per Sitecore installation guide, I have created to basic forms.

  1. Login
  2. MVC Login

Let’s try add some fields into it by clicking on Forms Designer.


When you click on Add a Field button, You will receive error dialog as “Collection is read- only”


This is known bug in the Sitecore and the fix of this bug can be found at here.

The root cause of this bug is, WFFM is missing default Form Section. If you check other Sitecore Sample Web Forms, you will find all the fields Form Fields have “Form Section” as the container.


So, the quick work around options to fix this bug are

  1. Duplicate any existing Sitecore Sample WFFM form and customize it as per our need.
  2. You can create a branch template which will make sure when you create an item from that template you will have at least one Form Section Item.
  3. Right click the form item and select Form Section.


Click on Form Ribbon and try to add a Field now and it worked like a charm!






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