Sitecore Certification Exam Tips and Sample Questions

I have recently completed my Sitecore XP Developer Certification. I have around 2.5 years in Sitecore and had gone through Sitecore 7.0 training in 2014.

Sitecore Certification Exam will be very easy if you have prior experience in Sitecore. I have referred Sitecore 8.0 training material for two days and book my exam in one of the Kryterion recommended Exam center. Below are the few questions that I have came across from the exam.

There are 71 objective questions with multiple options. All options look very similar and closer to the answer. This sometimes confusing for few questions. So please read questions and options very carefully and always mark every question for review.

Note :- There are two ways you can give the exam

  1. By installing software on your laptop which will have access to webcam and mic
  2. Authorized Training Center from Kryterion.

I have choose second option. Sitecore exam is open book exam, however if you have opted for Authorized training center, you will not be able to take anything inside in the examination hall. You can’t even google for the answers.

Disclaimer :- The content of this blog is provided for information purposes only. No claim is made as to the accuracy or currency of the content on this blog at any time.

Sample questions

  1. Why you should not add items in Context Database
  2. Which are the databases are used in Public facing site
  3. Why do you need Insert Options?
  4. Which Sitecore Interface non-technical content author use to edit the content
  5. How you will be able to login to default Sitecore instance
  6. How you will you render the raw list of IDs in Multilist field
  7. Why you should use Solr over Lucene?
  8. Which is Default Sitecore Search Provider
  9. You want to give access to certain item to all Sitecore Users. Which is the best way to achieve this
  10. You would Insert Option because: Some Multiple options were there. I think the correct answer is to allow content authors create an item
  11. Which is the best place to configure Insert Options
  12. There are two templates News Item and News List. News Item will be created under News List. You want to Sort News Item as per Date Created. Which will be the best place to set this Sorting
  13. What you need to do to make sure your template is inherited by Sitecore Standard Template.
  14. What is the Template?
  15. Where Sitecore Store the Content
  16. How can we configure Sitecore in Solr Environment?
  17. You are writing custom code to resolve computed index field. Your code showing compilation error. How you can resolve the error
  18. Which Interface Sitecore marketer will use to personalise item
  19. What is the best way to add personalization on Component?
  20. What is the Component?
  21. Your company want to install all content modules. What is best option to do this?
  22. You Install Site package. Now you want to uninstall that Package. How you will uninstall?
  23. Sitecore Rocks Short cut Keys
  24. What are profile keys and Pattern Cards?
  25. How Sitecore will identify returning user
  26. How to identify contact in Sitecore
  27. What is default Publishing Target?
  28. You want to unpublished an item on 1st December. How you can achieve this.
  29. If you make you home item unpublishable. What will happen?
  30. How you can modify items default URL produced by Sitecore
  31. What are event and pipelines?
  32. You have Title Field in your Product and News template. How can you optimize it?
  33. You have 2 fields unversioned. How they will get published?
  34. What is multivariance testing?
  35. What is CMS?
  36. Where the indexes are stored.
  37. What care should be taken while choosing data type of the field?
  38. What is the importance of Field Source in template?
  39. What will happen if there are multiple field section with same name?
  40. Which Sitecore database is used by preview mode?
  41. Which Sitecore portal will you use to download Sitecore and related modules?

Hope this Helps! Happy Certification. Let me know your comments and your experience about the exam.

Dear All,

Thank you for all your comments and suggestions.

I do get lot of queries in order to provide answers. However the reason of this blog is to give you an overview of the exam and not the exam questionnaire.

I would highly recommend Sitecore training and Sitecore blogs as a study material to get answers for above questions.

Last but not the least,
These are not the actual questions from the exam and in case if you have seen those questions it is purely coincidence.


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